Sunday, 20 March 2011

If I had legs like this, there'd be nowt the matter.
Also, look at the prints and colours of the bracelets!

And so it begins!

So this is the blouse I found! When it was on the mannequin I spun it round so the buttons were on the back and it had a polo neck. Pretty limited to what you can do with it to be honest since we want the whole collection (ten outfits) to tie in with each other. Cracking print and decent material though-I would probably buy this if I saw it on the high street!

It looks like the deserts vomitted in here...

Since i've been working with the trend, i've discovered it's not only quite difficult to work with, but also to wear, especially if you hate putting two prints together like I do.
Think back to the dark burgundys and camel colours you were wearing in autumn and add a tribal twist to bring out your inner explorer! Blue or red stoned jewellery is huge in Topshop at the moment as are feathered earrings and such. Fox it up with on-trend fringes and indian silver detail.
Go for chunky heels, weaved waistcoats, high waisted shorts, animal prints, floaty blouses and you'll get the idea. Mustards, burgundys, navys, black, camel, ocean greens and blues etc-typical landscape colours.

The photo i've put up is from Topshops S/S11 top picks-and they can't be wrong!!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Introducing, my mannequin. With nothing on it...

So as you can see, not much yet.
The fabrics were as dire as I had expected with a couple of hidden gems and I have a definite idea of what I want the outfit to look like so that's progress I suppose! I've measured up my model (typically teensy!) and i've been measured by the other groups, colourblock and tribal to model aswell (typically unsatisfactory!). Best make a start!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

W.A.R.R.I.O.R by Ebony Bones

I know we're not planning our own music, but how perfect would this be for my trend?! Might throw a sneaky bribe...

Sally Army Fashion Show!

To say me and this new project got off on the wrong foot is an understatement.
We have to create ten outfits from garments given to us from the Salvation Army, all based on one of four trends: Garden party, Seventies, Colour Block and Safari and Tribal.
Oh how I wish I had seventies. I love the seventies, I love the clothes, I love the fabrics.
No-one will believe me now but I predicted the seventies coming back for S/S11, honestly I did. I've been preparing for it forever and a day. To get seventies for my trend would of been a dream, garden party I would of happily worked with, even colour block I could of got my head round. But no, I, the most untribal person in the world have been graced with my most hated trend since double denim, Safari and Tribal.
Well, it'll be a "challenge" of sorts I suppose...

As I was mentally preparing myself for seeing the garments we got, I had a think about what kind of outfit I could make, determined to put some myself into this horrendous trend somehow. I figured the only was to do this was to design my outfit with vintage inspiration in mind, which should be pretty easy considering i'm a savvy shopper and we're getting everything from the Sal.
I have a few ideas in mind which should work quite well. All of a sudden i'm feeling rather positive towards this project again, Watch this space!