Sunday, 20 March 2011

It looks like the deserts vomitted in here...

Since i've been working with the trend, i've discovered it's not only quite difficult to work with, but also to wear, especially if you hate putting two prints together like I do.
Think back to the dark burgundys and camel colours you were wearing in autumn and add a tribal twist to bring out your inner explorer! Blue or red stoned jewellery is huge in Topshop at the moment as are feathered earrings and such. Fox it up with on-trend fringes and indian silver detail.
Go for chunky heels, weaved waistcoats, high waisted shorts, animal prints, floaty blouses and you'll get the idea. Mustards, burgundys, navys, black, camel, ocean greens and blues etc-typical landscape colours.

The photo i've put up is from Topshops S/S11 top picks-and they can't be wrong!!!

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